Second week of Advent

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We’re currently in the second week of Advent, according to the traditional calendar that leads up to the year’s highlight of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

For more Chinuk Wawa reading practice, here from 1902 British Columbia is a rare thing, an actual Jargon translation of a Bible passage.

Well, a paraphrase of a Bible passage. You can compare Romans 15 in English with what comes below:

second week of advent 01

Ukuk son, Sint Pol wiht wawa kopa
Today, Saint Paul again speaks to 


second week of advent 02

< Rom. 15. >

Kanawi ikta iaka cim kopa haha
Everything that is written in the holy 

cim, iaka cim pus mamuk komtaks kopa
writings, is written to teach to 

nsaika ST iaka oihat. ST tiki
us God’s path. God wants 

pus msaika kikuli tomtom kopa kanawi ikta
you folks to be humble-hearted about everything 

msaika tlap klahawiam kopa ukuk ilihi;
that you receive of suffering on this earth; 

iaka wiht tiki pus msaika lolo tlus
he also wants you to carry a good 

tomtom, pi ilo chako sik tomtom kopa ukuk
heart, and not get upset about these 

ayu klahawiam msaika tlap.
many sufferings you receive. 

second week of advent 03

Iaka wiht tiki pus msaika mitlait iht
He also wants you to have a single 

tomtom kanamokst, pus kanamokst msaika
heart together, so that you (all) 

tiki ST, pus kanamokst msaika styuil kopa
love God together, so that you pray together to 

iaka; pi pus msaika mamuk klahawiam kopa
him; and so that you take pity on 

msaika tilikom kakwa ST tanas iaka
your relatives like God the child 

mamuk klahawiam kopa msaika.
takes pity on you folks.

second week of advent 04

Pi tlus ST mamuk skukum msaika tomtom,
And let God strengthen your hearts, 

mamuk patl yutl msaika kopa ukuk msaika ma=
making you full of joy about the fact that you 

muk nawitka kopa iaka: pi tlus pus msaika
believe in him: and you should 

skukum tomtom tolo sahali ilihi, pi ST
have your hearts set on Heaven, and God 

Sint Ispri hilp msaika pus msaika kwanisim
the Holy Spirit will help you so that you’re always 

that way.

— from “Chinook Book of Devotions throughout the Year“, page 8

Kata msaika tomtom?
What do you folks think?