Nostalgia: Song in Chinook Jargon brings down the house

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The Grange Movement (image credit:

I’d love to know what this Chinuk Wawa song was…

…and because this was a Settler organization’s meeting, well into the post-frontier era for Oregon (albeit close to Grand Ronde), I suspect it was a translated American hymn or folk song.

Read on:

song in chinook jargon

A GRANGE RE-UNION. Last Saturday Harmony Grange had one of the happiest
re-unions held in many a day, the occasion being the installation of its officers, under the direction of Deputy State Master H B Springer of Oak Plain grange, assisted by C H Walker and Mary F Walker of Grand Prairie grange. After the installation, an exceedingly fine dinner was partaken of by upwards of seventy grangers and invited friends, then followed recitations by school boys and girls and also by several lady members of that grange. Some sweet songs were sung by the grange choir. A song in Chinook jargon by two members from Grand Prairie, brought down the house…

— from the Albany (OR) State Rights Democrat of January 21, 1898, page 3, column 3

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