The Hood River Glacier’s thing for “skookum”

Chinuk Wawa played a SKOOKUM part in one of the earliest — and most relentless — “infomercial” campaigns I’ve seen.

The Hood River Glacier newspaper must’ve been owned by someone with large holdings in the local apple industry.

There’s a surprisingly detailed history of this newspaper at the Chronicling America website. Evidently its editor had some unusual pro-Native stances, including a view that the Yakama Reservation ought to have been larger according to the 1855 treaty.  Kind of surprising, given the racialized caricature (above) that was the SKOOKUM apple logo.

Whatever the motivations behind the many column-inches given over to blaring the trade name SKOOKUM, there’s honestly very little Chinuk Wawa interest to it. I’ll leave you with this link to explore this 1910’s-era conundrum on your own steam.