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At least a bit of Chinuk Wawa in Idaho

I started writing a post today about why there’s so little Chinook Jargon documented in Idaho. It got involved. I’ll share it as a separate article soon. Today let’s just look at one… Continue reading

“Eh” is Canadian Chinook Jargon

Something to brighten your flu season in the North land:

Of course Chinuk Wawa was printed in Oregon’s first newspaper!

It’s ridiculously Western.

Discoveries: Salish ‘sealion’, pig evolution, & a French compound loan

A brand-new word, and a brand-new structure:

Joel Palmer was writing ejective consonants in 1847

Chinook Jargon reflects its Native heritage, for example with a number of “popping” sounds: c’h, k’, k’w, p’, q’, q’w, t’, t’ɬ, t’s.

“Charko if they tickied sullex”

I won’t transcribe all of the English in this eyewitness letter from the Rogue River Indian war, although it’s enlightening to learn of the White volunteers’ greed. 

Tom Spilkins of Siletz speaks…

  …or tries to? Casual racism, fictional Chinuk Wawa, and bad typesetting interfere with the value of today’s already disturbing historical clipping from the Siletz Indian Reservation in Oregon: 

Keel-A-Pie, the Chinuk Wawa operetta (tenth page)

If you haven’t yet grasped what a low-culture burlesque this Keel-A-Pie was, today we learn it was performed in drag! But first, to the Chinook Jargon…

Keel-A-Pie, the Chinuk Wawa operetta (ninth page)

Another juicy slice of Keel-A-Pie!

Keel-A-Pie, the Chinuk Wawa operetta (eighth page)

Some excellent chunks of Chinook Jargon today for you!