Monthly Archive: December, 2016

Stim i Krismas?

Stim i Krismas? From a religious catechism in the Nsyilxcən or Okanagan-Colville Salish language of southern interior British Columbia and northeast Washington state: <14.> Stim i Krismas? = Krismas <14.>  What is Christmas?… Continue reading

First-Class Hardware Store ad, 1902

In Chinook, his name is Jim, not James.  Yup, it’s a street language 🙂 I don’t always get so technical here, but partly because I have linguists reading my site, today I will… Continue reading

The words of old Eliza Quinaby of Grand Ronde reservation

For its respectful and/or restrained treatment of an elder, and for its antiquity, I’m pleased with the following find of early rez-period Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa. (Explanation: the S-word is used here, but it’s… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon & Freemasons: “Ours is not a dead language!”

What’s your take on this?  Looks like we can add “Freemason secret language” to the file on Chinook Jargon as “oldtimer’s secret language”, as “code talk”, and as “ipsət wawa” (secret language)! A… Continue reading

Sitka Jimmy in Dawson, Yukon Territory

Chinook Jargon was not actually used very much in the Yukon Territory, despite the impressions you may have gathered from Jack London‘s using it for local colour. That’s why today’s Klondike gold rush-era… Continue reading