Stim i Krismas?

Stim i Krismas?

From a religious catechism in the Nsyilxcən or Okanagan-Colville Salish language of southern interior British Columbia and northeast Washington state:


<14.> Stim i Krismas? = Krismas
<14.>  What is Christmas? = Christmas

haha tish halhalt ili ki kolsh ShK.
is the holy day when Jesus Christ was born.

— Kamloops Wawa #204b (March 1903), page 17

Tagging the Salish School of Spokane, who are revitalizing this language.  Consider making a holiday donation to them! One way is to buy Larae Wiley’s wonderful Xast Spútaʔ CD of Christmas songs sung in Salish.