The local editors of Portland are abusing one another in choice Chinook


     The local editors of Portland, Oregon,
are abusing one another in choice Chinook,
and such words as “siwash tillicums,” 
“mesacha cultus wawa” are freely bandied
as if they had a wonderful meaning.

— Marysville (CA) Daily Appeal, 30 July 1862, column 3

“Siwash tillicums” = “Indian friend” (with what connotation here?).

“Mesacha cultus wawa” = “evil worthless talk”.

A lagniappe today, in honour of the mood in America this season, and as a reminder to be grateful as we approach American Thanksgiving:


The more things change, the more they stay the same.  We will always have our disagreements.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to anything as tragic as the civil war written about in the above paragraph, which directly follows the Portland anecdote.