Sechelt Salish Chinook Jargon

Sechelt Queen Chinook.jpg
Salish lexically-suffixed (classifier) numeral influence on the 1902 Chinook Jargon of a Sechelt person?
Never mind my big words.  Just look:
Pi iht man iht man klatwa mamuk pu mawich.
(and one man one man go CAUSATIVE shoot deer)
= “Several men have gone hunting”
— Kamloops Wawa #200a (March 1902), page 10
Compare Chinook Jargon iht iht (“several”), Sechelt Salish néch’-áli “one person; the other person”.
In ordinary Jargon, I’d expect iht iht man.  This excerpt from an Indigenous-written letter is the only example I’ve seen of iht man iht man.
Looks like a beautiful interface of Salish with Jargon!