Ad in Chinook Jargon, 1902


Pus msaika tiki kanawi ikta sil pi kot;
If you folks want any kind of fabric or clothing, 

shush pi siapul, kopa man pi kopa kluchmin.
shoes or hats,for men or women.

Pus msaika tiki makmak, ti pi kofi ItS,
If you need food, tea or coffee etc., 

msaika tlap ukuk kanawi, ilo aias makuk
you’ll find this all, for cheap


<for Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes,
for Groceries, Tea & Coffee;
at the lowest prices for Cash,
The Place to trade is at:
McArthur & Harper.>

— Kamloops Wawa #201 (June 1902), page [125]