This is what a map in Chinook Jargon looks like

It occurs to me that Iʹve never seen a map in Chinuk Wawa.

So this was a good find.

Itʹs meant to show how the house that the Virgin Mary was born in, and later shared with Joseph and Jesus and a mess of apostles, flew (yup!) from Nazareth, northwest to Terzato in Italy and then to Loreto near Rome.

Chinook map (2)

Hereʹs what the various shorthand words on it saŷ

Tirsato     Tyurki ilihi     Tlil solt chok
Terzato     Turkey     Black Sea

Lorito     Dalmasia     Konstantinopl
Loreto     Dalmatia     Constantinope

Rom     Grik ilihi     Tyurki ilihi
Rome     Greece     Turkey

Itali ilihi(?)     Nasarit
Italy(?)     Nazareth

Sisili ilihi(?)

solt chok

And hereʹs some commentary relating to the map — ̂

Iakwa msaika nanich kata
Here you folks can see how 

saia iaka chako tlus Mari iaka
far the blessed Maryʹs 

haws. Kopa Nasarit pi k’o kopa
house came.  From Nazareth all the way to 

Tirsato, wik saia <2 000>
Terzato, is nearly 2,000 

mail. Pi wiht kopa Tirsato
miles.  And then from Terzato 

pi k’o kopa Lorito <200> mail
all the way to Loreto is 200 miles.  

Iaka chako sahali sol chok,
It came over the sea,

pi sahali kopa Tyurki ilihi pi wiht
and over Turkey and again 

sahali kopa solt chok pi wiht hloima
over the sea and again a different 

Tyurki ilihi pi Dalmasia ilihi pi iawa
Turkish area and Dalmatia and then 

iaka k’o kopa Tirsato. Kimta
it arrived at Terzato.  After that 

iaka klatwa kopa Lorito
it went to Loreto. 

— Kamloops Wawa #142 (July 1896), page 162