So 2 chiefs and a priest go to Europe, part 60

There used to not be a path to get down to this prison, only a hole in the middle where they threw down the people…


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[…] iht ilihi iaka nim Subiako, kah ankati mitlait Sin Binidik. <x> Pulakli
[…] a place called Subiaco, where St Benedict once lived. In the evening

nsaika kilapai kopa Rom, pi ukuk taii Pir Sotil kanamokst nsaika.
we returned to Rome, and that chief Père Sautel was with us.


     <Oct. 4.> Tanas son, nsaika wiht klatwa kopa lipap
     Oct. 4. In the morning, we again went to the

iaka haws: alta nsaika tlap tikits pus nsaika nanich lipap
pope’s house; now we received tickets for us to see the pope

ukuk son kopa lakit tintin kopit sitkom son. <x> Alta nsaika
that day at four in the afternoon. Then we

klatwa nanich ukuk aias styuil haws, Sin Piir styuil haws.
went to see the big church, St Peter’s church.

Pi nsaika mitlait kopa ukuk styuil haws pi kro sitkom son.
And we stayed at that church until midday.

     <Mamertine Prison.>

     Kopit sitkom son, nsaika klatwa nanich ukuk kikuli
     After noon, we went to see the underground

skukum haws kah ankati Sin Piir mitlait nain months: iaka tolo kopa
prison where long ago St Peter was for nine months; he won over to

styuil, mokst taii wach man kopa skukum haws pi wiht <44>
prayer two guards in charge of the prison and 44 more

tilikom klaska skukum haws. <x> Ankati ilo mitlait oihat pus
people who were jailed. There used to not be a path to

klatwa kikuli kopa ukuk skukum haws, kopit iht hol kopa
get down to this prison, only a hole in the

sitkom kah klaska mash kikuli ukuk tilikom klaska mamuk skukum
middle where they threw down the people who were being

haws kikuli kopa ukuk ilip skukum haws mitlait wiht iht
imprisoned. Beneath this first prison there is still another;

iawa ilo lait, iaka drit pulakli. <x> Pi alta klaska mamuk oihat
there, there isn’t any light, it’s very dark. But then a path was built

pus klatwa kikuli kopa ukuk skukum haws: nsaika iskom lait
to get down to the prison; we took lights

pi nsaika klatwa kikuli: iawa mitlait iht lotil pus liplit
and we descended; there, there was an altar for priests

mamuk lamis; mitlait wiht, drit kopa sitkom iht fawntin:
to say mass; there was also, right in the centre, a fountain;

iaka ukuk chok Sin Piir mamuk chako kopa ilihi pus mamuk
this was the water that St Peter caused to spring from the earth to

wash ukuk tilikom iaka tolo kopa ST kopa ukuk skukum
baptize the people he won over to God in that

haws. Nsaika makmak kopa ukuk chok, iaka tlus. <x> Ukuk
prison. We drank from this water; it was good. It

ilo kansih chako sahali, ilo kansih klatwa kikuli, iaka
never rises and never subsides, it’s

kwanisim kakwa. <x> Ayu wiht tlus tilikom ankati klaska
always the same. Many other good people

klatwa kopa ukuk skukum haws, Sin Aliksandir lipap pi ayu.
have gone to this prison, St Alexander the pope and many [others].


     <St Peter’s Chains.>

     Nsaika wiht nanish kopa Rom Sin Piir iaka shīns:
     We also saw in Rome St Peter’s chains;

ukuk shin iaka kaw kopa Shirusalim, pi ukuk shin iaka kaw kopa […]
[one of] these chains was fastened in Jerusalem, and the [other] chain was fastened in [sic; left blank].

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