So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 61

[The pope] placed his hand on Louis’ and Celestin’s [Chillihitzia’s] head, [and] he also gave a large medal to them

pope pius x

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Sint Irin ankati tlap kopa Shirusalim ukuk shin, pi iaka lolo [NULL]
St Irene long ago in Jerusalem found that chain, and she brought [them]

kopa Rom: lipap iskom iaka, pi kanamokst iaka iskom ukuk shin
to Rome; the pope took them and together [with them] took the chain

mitlait kopa Rom: iawa ukuk mokst shin chako k’aw kanamokst,
that was [already] in Rome; then the two chains got connected to each other,

pi wik kata wiht pus klaska mash [NULL].
so that nobody could pull them [apart] again.1

Nsaika nanich ukuk mokst shin kopa iht styuil haws
We saw these two chains at a church

kopa Rom. Iawa nsaika tlap tanas shins kopa ukuk:
in Rome. There we got little chains [in the shape] of them;

ukuk tanas shin klaska blis, pus nsaika kwanisim tlus
these little chains will bless [us], if we will always take good

nanich klaska.
care of them.


     Alta wik saia lakit tintin kopit sitkom son: nsaika
     Now it was nearly four o’clock in the afternoon; we

klatwa kopa lipap iaka haws, pi klaska lolo nsaika wik saia
went to the pope’s house, and we were taken close to

kah mitlait lipap. Ayu wiht tilikom mitlait, klunas kwinam
where the pope was. Many other people were there, about

tatilam. Nsaika ashnu kanawi kopa iht lain; alta lipap
fifty. We knelt all in a line; then the pope

chako, iaka patlach iaka lima kopa kanawi ukuk tilikom, pi
came; he gave his hand to each of these people, and

kanawi nsaika kis iaka lima. Iaka mamuk iaka lima sahali kopa
each of us kissed his hand. He placed his hand on

Lui pi Silista klaska latit, wiht iaka patlach iht aias mali
Louis’ and Celestin’s [Chillihitzia’s] head, [and] he also gave a large medal

kopa klaska: iaka kakwa pus tanas til, pi kakwa pus tanas
to them; he looked a little tired, and seemed a bit

sik tomtom. Pus iaka kopit patlach mali2 kopa kanawi, iaka
sad. When he was done giving medals to all, he

mitwit pi iaka mamuk blis kanawi. <x> Iaka kakwa iht liplit,
stood and he blessed everyone. He was like any priest,

ilo drit aias man iaka; pi tkop iaka iktas kanawi. Pi iaka
he’s not a big man; and his clothes are white all over. And

drit tlus iaka siahush: iaka drit tlus tomtom kopa kanawi
his face is quite wonderful; he was really glad about everyone

chako nanich iaka. <x> Iaka wiht mamuk blis ukuk <2000>
coming to see him. He also blessed the 2,000

mali nsaika tlap kopa Sin Antwan Luis, pi nsaika lolo kopa Rom.
medals we had gotten from “St Anthony Louise” and then brought to Rome.

Nsaika tiki pus lipap mamuk blis kanawi nsaika tilikom,
We wanted the pope to bless all of our [Indian] people,

pi iaka wawa: = Nawitka, naika blis kanawi.
and he said, “Indeed, I bless [them] all.”


     Alta nsaika kilapai kopa nsaika haws kopa Rom, pi nsaika
     Then we went back to our house in Rome, and we

mamuk ridi pus mash Rom pi kilapai kopa nsaika ilihi.
got ready to leave Rome and return to our home.

Lui pi Silista klaska tomtom klaska drit saia kopa klaska ilihi
Louis and Celestin [Chillihitzia], feeeling they were mighty far from their homes,

ilo tiki klatwa ilip wiht saia.
didn’t want to go any farther away.

1There are serious inconsistencies in this telling of the chains of San Pietro in Vincoli. Cf.

2It appears as if “mali” were written over “lima”, or vice versa.