So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 59

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…I prayed mass and we hurried off, Père Bunoz with us…



[…] pi klaska ayu styuil kopa Tlus Mari pus iaka mamuk komtaks kopa

[…] and they prayed and prayed to St Mary to let

klaska ikta iaka tiki klaska mamuk kopa ukuk. <x> Iht pulakli
them know what she wanted them to do with it. One night

Tlus Mari mamuk komtaks kopa klaska pus klaska mamuk styuil haws
St Mary made known to them that they should build a church

kopa iaka, kopa kah klaska nanish sno pus chako son. <x> Pi
to her, at [a place] where they saw snow when morning came. And

pus klaska gitop tanas son, klaska nanich sno kopa iht
when they got up in the morning, they saw snow in a certain

ilihi, drit aias kakwa styuil haws. Iawa klaska mamuk
place as big as a church. There they built

ukuk styuil haws kopa Tlus Mari.
the church to St Mary.

     Drit aias tlus wiht ukuk styuil haws: iawa nsaika nanich
     This church too was really beautiful; there we saw

iht Tlus Mari iaka statyu; lisapotr Sin Lyuk ankati mamuk ukuk
a statue of St Mary; the apostle St Luke long ago made this


     Wik saia mimlus son pi nsaika kilapai kopa nsaika haws.
     It was near sundown when we returned to our house.



     <Oct. 3.> Tanas son, naika aiak gitop, klunas ilo
     Oct. 3. In the morning, I quickly rose; it might not have been

kwinam tintin; naika styuil lamis, pi aiak nsaika klatwa, Pir
five o’clock yet; I prayed mass and we hurried off, Père

Byunos kanamokst naika: nsaika klatwa kopa stishon; nsaika iskom
Bunoz with us; we went to the station; we got

trin pi nsaika klatwa <50> mail saia kopa Rom, kopa iht
a train and we went 50 miles away from Rome, to a

ilihi iaka nim Roviano. Iawa nsaika tlap kanawi ukuk tilikom
place called Roviano. There we found all the people

klaska skul pus chako liplit: kopa wam ilihi, klaska mash Rom
who are studying to become priests; in the summer, they leave Rome

pus klatwa kopa mawntin ilihi, kah ilo drit wam kakwa kopa Rom.
to go to the mountain country, where it’s not as hot as in Rome.

Iawa klaska mamuk iht aias ston haws, <200> fut iaka
There they are building a big stone house; it’s 200 feet

lon pi <50> fut waid; ukuk haws ilo kopit alta: pi klaska
long and 50 feet wide; this house isn’t finished yet; but they

kwanisim mamuk kopa ukuk haws pi wik lili iaka kopit.
keep working on this house and soon it’ll be done.

     Klaska drit tlus tomtom nanich nsaika: pi wiht kakwa klaska
     They were quite happy to see us, and so was their

taii Pīr Sotil. <x> Mitlait <60> ukuk wik saia liplit, pi alki
leader Pre Sautel. There were 60 of these almost-priests; and eventually

klatwa kanawi kah ilihi, lolo ST iaka wawa kopa tilikom.
they will go all over the world, bringing God’s words to the people.

Mitlait iht doktor kopa klaska: tatilam sno iaka doktor pi
There was a doctor among them; for ten years he was a doctor, but

alta iaka tomtom shako liplit. Mitlait wiht iht dintist kopa
then he decided to become a priest. There is also a dentist among

klaska. <x> Nsaika makmak iawa, sitkom son, pi nsaika mitlait kanamokst
them. We ate there for lunch, and we stayed with

klaska pi kro kwinam tintin. Iawa inatai iht mawntin nsaika nanish […]
them until five o’clock. There across a mountain we could see […]

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