So 2 chiefs and a priest go to Europe, part 58

The leaders of Rome have put quite a lot of money into their people’s cemetery. But Louis was feeling tired, so we couldn’t stroll about it for long.

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[…]kimta kopa ShK, ukuk solshirs klatwa fait masachi tilikom
[…]after Jesus, the soldiers who had gone to battle the evil people

kopa Shirusalim, klaska tlap ukuk haha stips kopa Shirusalim, pi
that were in Jerusalem got these holy steps in Jerusalem and

klaska lolo klaska kopa Rom. Mitlait <28> ukuk stips; pi wik
they took them to Rome. There are 28 of these steps; and

kata klaksta kuli lipii kopa ukuk; kopit pus ashnu, pi klatwa
nobody can travel on foot on them; only when kneeling can [they] go

kopa ukuk stips: nsaika mamuk kakwa: nsaika ashnu klatwa sahali
on these steps; we did that; we knelt climbing

kanawi ukuk stips. <x> Mitlait ShK iaka pilpil kopa ukuk stips
all these steps. Jesus’ blood is on these steps;

klaska mamuk glas sahali kopa ukuk pilpil, iawa nsaika kis
glass has been put over the blood; there we kissed

ukuk glas.
the glass.


     <St Laurent.>

Alta wik saia sitkom son, pi nsaika klatwa kopa ukuk
Then it was near noon, and we went to this

iht nsaika haws kopa Rom. <x> Mitlait iawa Pīr Giliī, iaka ankati
other house of ours in Rome. Père Guelhem (sp?) was there; he

kanamokst naika pus nsaika chako liplit: iaka drit tlus tomtom nanich
was with me long ago when we became priests; he was quite happy to see

nsaika, pi nsaika makmak sitkom son kopa iaka haws.
us, and we ate lunch at his house.

Ukuk haws mitlait wik saia Sin Lorans iaka styuil haws.
This house was near St Lawrence’s church.

Aias haha wiht ukuk siisim, kata Sin Lorans ankati
This story too is very holy, [of] how St Lawrence [acted]

pus tilikom mamuk mimlus iaka kopa shikmin bid, sahali kopa
when the people were killing him with a metal bed over a

skukum paia, pi iaka chako paia iaka itluil, pi iaka mimlus.
blazing fire until his flesh burned and he died.


     <Campo Santo.>

     Pus nsaika kopit makmak, nsaika klatwa nanich aias mimlus
     When we were done eating, we went to see the big

ilihi kopa Rom: o iaka drit aias tlus: ayu marbl statyu
cemetery of Rome; oh, it’s really beautiful; many marble statues

mitlait kanawi kah <x> Taii tilikom kopa Rom mash drit ayu
stand everywhere. The leaders of Rome have put quite a lot

shikmin kopa klaska tilikom klaska mimlus ilihi. <x> Pi Lui ayu
of money into their people’s cemetery. But Louis was feeling

til, kakwa wik kata pus lili nsaika kuli kopa ukuk.
tired, so we couldn’t stroll about it for long.


     <Santa Maria Major.>

     Alta nsaika klatwa [NULL] iht wiht aias styuil haws
     Then we went [to] still another big church

kopa Rom. <x> Ankati, mokst tilikom kopa Rom, iht ol man pi
in Rome. Long ago, two people from Rome, an old man and

iaka kluchmin, klaska patlach kanawi klaska iktas kopa Tlus Mari[…]
his wife, gave all their belongings to St Mary[…]

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