So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 57


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mimlus kopa Rom. Wik iaka sik tomtom kopa ukuk: iaka tlap
did [go] die in Rome. He wasn’t sorry about this; he took

tlus tomtom, iaka komtaks, wik lili alta pi iaka kopit kopa
heart; he knew that soon he would be done with

ukuk ilihi pi klatwa nanich ShK kopa sahali ilihi.
this world and going to see Jesus in Heaven.

     Nsaika klatwa kopa ukuk styuil haws, kah nsaika nanish ShK
     We went to this church where we saw Jesus’

iaka cim pi Sin Piir iaka cim; pi wiht nsaika nanich kopa
picture and St Peter’s picture; and we also saw in

iht ston, ShK iaka lipii iaka cim. Pus iaka chako nanich
one stone Jesus’ footprint. When he came to see

Sin Piir, iaka mamuk cim iaka lipii kopa iht ston kah iaka
St Peter, he made his footprint in a stone where he

mitwit. <x> Nsaika ashnu, pi mamuk kis ukuk ston.
stood. We knelt, and kissed this stone.

Alta iaka chako pulakli, pi nsaika kilapai kopa nsaika haws.
Then it was getting to be night, so we went back to our house.


     <Oct. 2.> Tumoro Sondi, nsaika styuil kopa kah nsaika
     Oct. 2. The next day, Sunday, we prayed where we

mitlait. Kopit makmak, iht liplit lolo nsaika kopa iht wiht
were staying. After eating, a priest took us to another

nsaika haws kopa Rom.
of our houses in Rome.


     <St John de Latran.>

     Kopa oihat nsaika tlap iht aias tlus styuil haws, iaka
     Along the way we found a beautiful church

nim Sin Chon lisapotr iaka styuil haws. <x> Ankati lipap mamuk shako
called St John the Apostle’s church. In the old days the popes would call in

lisivik kopa kanawi kah ilihi kopa ukuk styuil haws pus mamuk
the bishops from all over the world to this church to

tomtom kanamokst pi mamuk lo kopa styuil. <x> Ukuk styuil
consult with each other and pass laws for praying. This

haws iaka <400> fut lon.g, mitlait kwinam iaka laport. Kopa ukuk
church is 400 feet long and has five doorways. In this

styuil haws, kikuli kopa lotil, mitlait Sin Piir pi Sin Pol klaska
church, beneath the altar, lie St Peter’s and St Paul’s

latit. <x> Sahali kopa lotil nsaika nanich ukuk latab kah
heads. Above the altar we saw the table where

ankati ShK mamuk : ukuk latab iaka ihpui kopa iht tlus
Jesus long ago created communion; this table is hidden in a nice

boks, pi iaka mitlait skukum glas sahali kopa ukuk latab,
box, and it has strong glass over the table,

kakwa wik kata klaksta mash iaka lima kopa ukuk latab; kopit nsaika
so no one can put a hand on the table; we could only

kis ukuk glas.
kiss the glass.

     <Scala Santa.>

     Wik saia kopa ukuk styuil haws mitlait iht wiht
     Near this church was yet another

styuil haws, kah nsaika nanich ukuk haha stips, kah ankati
church, where we saw the holy steps where long ago

ShK klatwa kopa Pospilat iaka haws. <x> Ankati, <1200> sno[…]
Jesus went to Pontius Pilate’s house. Long ago, 1,200 years[…]

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