So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 56

…she looks as if she had just died; her flesh hasn’t rotted; this is a real miracle.

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[…]mokst man, kopa tlun tilikom. <x> Iawa ankati styuil tilikom
[…]two men, for three people. There, the praying people long ago

klaska ipsut pus masashi tilikom saliks klaska, tiki mimlus
hid when evil people were angry at them and wanted to kill

klaska. <x> Iawa klaska lolo klaska mimlus tilikom, mamuk klaska
them. There they took their dead, to bury them

kopa ilihi; iawa klaska styuil pulakli, iawa klaska
in the earth; there they prayed at night; there they

haha milalam, iawa klaska iskom . Nsaika nanich iht
made confession; there they took communion. We saw a

sīt kopa ilihi, kakwa chir, kah liplit ankati sit dawn pus
seat in the earth, like a chair, where the priest would long ago sit while

tilikom haha milalam; nsaika wiht nanich lotil, sahali
the people would confess; we also saw an altar, above

kopa iht lisivik, iht liplit, iht haha man iaka man iaka mimlus ilihi;
a bishop [or] a priest [or] a holy man; it was a person’s grave;

iawa liplit ankati styuil lamis.
there the priests once prayed mass.

     Kimta wiht nsaika nanich Sint Sisil iaka mimlus
     Later still, we saw St Cecilia’s

ilihi: mitlait Sisil iaka cim, kopa marbl ston, iaka li dawn
grave; it had Cecilia’s picture [statue] in marble stone, she was lying

kopa ilihi, iaka nik sitkom kyut kopa aias naif. Iawa klaska
on the ground, her neck half cut by a big knife. That is where

mash iaka kopa ilihi; pi iawa klaska tlap iaka <800> sno kimta
she was put into the ground, there she was found 800 years later

pi klaska lolo iaka kopa iht aias tlus styuil haws
and taken to a beautiful church

klaska mamuk kopa iaka kopa Rom tawn, kah iaka mitlait alta,
built for her in Rome town, where she is now;

iaka kakwa pus chi mimlus, ilo chako kaltash iaka itluil:
she looks as if she had just died; her flesh hasn’t rotted;

drit aias haha ukuk.
this is a real miracle.


     <Domine quo vadis.>

     Pus nsaika kilapai nsaika stop kopa iht tanas styuil haws
     When we returned, we stopped at a small church

wik saia laport kopa Rom tawn. Iawa ankati Sin Piir nanish ShK.
not far from the gates to Rome town. There long ago St Peter saw Jesus.

Styuil tilikom kwash pus Sin Piir aiak mimlus, pus masashi
The praying people were afraid that St Peter would soon be dead,

tilikom tlap iaka pi mimlus iaka, kakwa klaska ayu wawa kopa iaka
that people would catch him and kill him, so they kept telling him

pus iaka klatwa klahani kopa tawn pi iaka klatwa ipsut kah. <x>
to leave the city and go hide someplace.

Iaka mamuk kakwa, pi chi iaka mash Rom tawn, iaka nanich ShK
He did this, but once he had left Rome town, he saw Jesus

iaka lolo lakrwa kakwa ankati pus wik saia iaka mimlus. <x> Sin
carrying the cross just like long ago when he was about to die. St

Piir wawa kopa iaka: = Taii kah maika klatwa? <x> ShK wawa:
Peter asked him, “Chief, where are you going?” Jesus answered,

=Naika klatwa kopa Rom tawn pus iawa naika wiht mimlus
I’m going to Rome town so that there I can die again

kopa lakrwa. <x> Pi iaka chako ilo. <x> Iawa Sin Piir iaka shako
on the cross.” Then he disappeared. That’s when St Peter

komtaks pus ShK iaka tomtom pus iaka mimlus kopa Rom pi iaka[…]
realized that Jesus meant for him die in Rome, so he[…]

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