Skookum go cup, eh?

What, product placements in a Chinook Jargon blog? 🙂 

I enjoy posting photos of Chinook Jargon realia! (Fancy word meaning “iktas”!)

Skookum go cup

This is my Raven’s Brew “Skookum Blend” coffee go cup.

I can’t wait to post pictures, and a review, of a case of Hi-Yu Bru,


Phillips Skookum Cascadian Dark beer,

Phillips Skookum Cascadian Dark beeranything from Arlington, WA’s Skookum Brewery,

Skookum Brewery

Single Origin Chinook IPA,

Pint Beer Glass on White

Cheechako IPA,

as assortment of delicious wines from Illahe Vineyards,

Illahe vineyards

Walter Dacon winery’s Skookum White,

the products of Tyee Wine Cellars,

Tyee Wine Cellars

an assortment of tantalizing Sahale Snacks

Sahale Snacks

Tatoosh bourbon or whiskey,

Tatoosh bourbon

Chinook cheese 🙂

Chinook cheese

…you get the idea!

Maybe even a Chinook helicopter.  I could live in it, like the folks taking shelter in that movie “The Colony”.

I think we’ve all learned something today.  First, Chinook Jargon has a thriving afterlife in Pacific Northwest commerce.  And second, your resident blogger has a birthday coming up 😉