Chinook Jargon songs, part 4

Let me know if you’ve heard this song, too.  Looks like you can buy a recording of it at Amazon — Dave R.

“Mary, Come Home”
–from the same book as part 1part 2, and part 3 (pages 64-66). 


Oh, Mary, dear Mary, come home with me now;
The sleigh from Mosquito has come.
You promised to live in my little board house
As soon as the pap’ring was done.
The fire burns brightly in the sheet-iron stove
And the bed is made up by the wall.
But it’s lonesome, you know, these long winter nights
With no one to love me at all.


Oh Mary, dear Mary, come home with me now;
Old George with his kuitan is here.     [horse]
You can, if you like, have your drink of Old Tom,
But I’d rather you’d drink lager beer.
I’ve come all this way through the cold drifting snow,
And brought you a message from Yaco;
And these were the very last words that she said:
“Kloshe waw-waw delate mika [SIC] chako.”     [(I) promise truly I’ll come to you.]


Oh, Mary, dear Mary, come home with me now;
The time by the watch, love, is three.
The night it grows colder, and George with the sleigh
Down the road now is waiting for me.
She stopped at a stump on her way up the hill
And whispered for me not to follow;
But pressing my hand ere I left her, she said,
“Delate nika chako tomollo.”     [I’ll definitely come tomorrow.]