Brokenshire, “Washington State Place Names”

Brokenshire, Doug.  1993.  Washington State place names: From Alki to Yelm.  Caldwell, ID: Caxton.

The author of this reader-friendly volume focuses more on the histories associated with the place names than on their etymologies.  He does a fine job making Northwest history accessible.  There are several entries that will interest the Chinook Jargon student:

  • Alki Point
  • La Push
  • Okanogan (I hadn’t realized that Coxey George [from CJ kakshet ‘broken’] was a.k.a. George Lahome or Loup Loup George)
  • Port Townsend
  • Seattle
  • Silverdale

I won’t give away why some of these are relevant.  Find a copy and enjoy!