Story of a Stump, decoded

As mentioned in the original post about “Story of a Stump“, I’m providing a decipherment of the shorthand text.  Here it is, numbered by lines of the original.  Note that the translation in the fourth line of each set = Dulog’s kind of free translation.

1 Kadwaldar Krik
Cadwallader Creek

‘Cadwallader Creek’

‘Sept. 13, 1902.’ [sic]

2 Siptambar <13 1902>
September 13, 1902

‘September 13, 1902’

‘Cadwalader Creek.’ [sic]

3 wal nsaika drit klahawiam
well 1PL really pitiful

‘Well, we’ve been really pitiful’

‘Well, we had a hard time here.’

4 kopa iakwa kwanisim drit
PREP here always really

‘around here, (we) keep feeling really’

‘Here we got low spirited.’

5 sik tomtom kwanisim kopa iakwa

upset heart always PREP here

‘sorry all the time over here.’

‘It was like that all the time.’

6 ilo kopa ikta nsaika klahawiam

NEG PREP what? 1PL pitiful

‘It’s not for any reason that we’re pitiful.’

‘There was no good cause for misfortune.’

7 nsaika ilo mamuk ikta <3> dis

1PL NEG what? 3 day

‘We haven’t done anything for three days.’

‘We did nothing for three days.’

8 nsaika li dawn kopa pit

1PL to.lie down PREP bed

‘We were lying down in bed.’

‘We lay in bed.’

9 nsaika mamuk= mimlus ayu mawich

1PL CAUS= to.die much deer

‘We bagged a lot of animals.’

‘Afterwards we killed lots of game.’

10 nsaika ayu makmak mawich pi nsaika

1PL much deer CONJ 1PL

‘We ate lots of venison, but we’

‘We ate lots of game.’

11 klahawiam kopa iakwa nsaika

pitiful PREP here 1PL

‘were pitiful around here. We’

‘We have a camp a little above—about fifty yards from this stump.’

12 kamp kopa tanas= sahali klunas <50> PREP DIM= above perhaps 50

‘camped somewhere a bit above, maybe 50’

‘We are six camping there.’

13 iach kopa iakwa iawa nsaika

yard PREP here there 1PL

‘yards from here. That’s where we’

‘This is one story if anybody passes on this trail.’

14 kamp nsaika <6> pus nsaika kanawi 1PL 6 IRR 1PL all

‘camped. There are 6 of us if we’re all here.’

‘We had been traveling in another quarter.’

15 pi kakwa wik nsaika wawa pus

CONJ thus NEG 1PL to.say IRR

‘And so we haven’t spoken (met) if’

‘We had two horses.’

16 klaksta kikuli kopa ukuk

who? below PREP DEM

‘anyone is below this’

‘We were short of water and we looked for a creek.’

17 ilihi wal iawa nsaika kikuli

place well to.say 1PL below

‘place. Well then, we were down’

‘We reached it and drank, and a little bird came near and sang, “Well!
well! well!” ’

18 kopa iht ilihi nsaika kamp aiak pi nsaika

PREP one place 1PL quickly CONJ 1PL

‘at one place; we were stopped for a bit and we’

‘Then he sang “He! he! he!!” ’

19 ayu= makmak chok pi nsaika PLASHASH kopa

IMPFV= water CONJ 1PL ??? PREP

‘were drinking water and we ??????? at’

‘That little bird made us merry. Then we all laughed.’

20 chok nsaika makmak iht kalkala iaka=

water 1PL one bird 3AGR=

‘the water we were drinking, a bird’

‘If anybody passes this trail, don’t get low spirited.’

21 iaka= [sic] wawa kopa nsaika iaka wawa

3AGR= to.say PREP 1PL 3 to.say

‘talked to us. It was talking,’

‘If a man gets low spirited he may get sick.’

22 wawa wawa wawa pus kopit nsaika wawa kopit

to.say to.say to.say IRR CMPLT 1PL to.say CMPLT

‘talking, talking, talking. When we we stopped talking, (it) just’

‘I say that for everybody.’

23 wawa wawa iaka wawa ihihihihihih

to.say to.say 3 to.say laughlaughlaugh

‘talked, talked. It said “Hehehehehehe.” ‘


24 ukuk kalkala iaka= patlach yutl

DEM bird 3AGR= to.give glad

‘That bird made’

25 tomtom kopa nsaika pi wal nsaika kopit

heart PREP 1SG CONJ well 1PL finished

‘us happy and well, we’re done.’