1951: Xmas note from Chief Andy Paull

Wikipedia tells usAndy Paull, (Andrew Paull, Xwechtáal, Xwupúkinem, Quitchtaal) (February 6, 1892 – July 28, 1959) was a Squamish leader, activist, coach, and lawyer.”


(Image credit: North Shore News)

Thanks go to reader Darrin Brager for sending this clipping over to share:


…And as this will be our last appearance in this corner before good old Santa comes slithering down your bank-account, we shall herewith take this opportunity of wishing you ALL THE BEST WITH BELLS ON for Yuletide! …Or, as Chief Andy Paull, who is just at my elbow, says: “Okook sun nika delate kloosh tumtum koopa konaway tillikum” …Which is skookum Chinook for: “This day I am very good heart to all people!” …MERRY XMAS!

— Source: December 22, 1951 (Page 17 of 92) The Vancouver Daily Province (1900-1952); Vancouver, British Columbia

That “koopa” pronunciation is typical of the coastal region of southwestern BC.

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