How Indians Get Their Dye


Oregon grape dyeing (image credit: Pinterest)

From a Clayoquot (Nuuchahnulth) man selling Indian handicrafts with his wife in Seattle:

A Chinuk Wawa quotation about the post-frontier persistence of Native dyeing.

how indians get their dye 01

how indians get their dye 02

“Dye, dye, halo nika cumtux dye,” said Chem. “Nika klutchman mamook conoway iktas coqua ahnkutty.” (Dye? I don’t know what dye is. My women made these articles as the Indians used to do in the old times.) — Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

— from the Omaha (NE) Daily Bee of March 26, 1916, page 6-A, columns 1-2

Close enough translation for me. Read the article at the above link, for a good little ethnobotany lesson about cedar, alder, hemlock, and more.

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