Monthly Archive: November, 2018

“The Pioneer Campfire”

We hear more from George W. Kennedy today…

Indian suffrage, Chinuk Wawa, and sarcasm

Chinuk Wawa was the original Ebonics, evidently.

Etymologies or “oops”?

[There is a sequel to this article, too.] Regarding Louis Labonte Jr.’s Chinuk Wawa word spelled eoptaths and meaning ‘knife, knives’, I have an idea I’d like to run past my readers and see whether… Continue reading

Hop Picking in Sumner Valley, W.T.

Long letters to the editor used to provide a big chunk of the material in newspapers…

A Salish etymology of Chinuk Wawa t’łáp (klap)?

t’łáp, or in older spelling klap, meaning ‘to get, to receive, to catch, to find’ etc. in Chinook Jargon, has consistently been reported as coming from the tribal Chinookan languages.

Louis Labonte, French Prairie, and Chinuk Wawa

A very early mixed-blood son of Oregon, Louis Labonté [Jr.] (1818 or 1819-1906), told his recollections as an old man, and they’re interesting for Chinuk Wawa’s history.

A “Narcissa” opera?

We’ve read about one opera — well, actually, a lighter operetta — that’s largely in Chinook Jargon…

Bible translations into Chinook Jargon? Mostly in a book you’ve never seen

For decades, there’s been an ongoing interest in having a Chinuk Wawa translation of the Christian Bible — but despite rumors, little progress.

Mollalas as “dusty” Indians of the forest lane?

I recently mentioned 1845 Oregon immigrant Joel Palmer’s Chinuk Wawa vocabulary, and how it’s filled wtih misspellings.

HH Bancroft & Grand Ronde Jargon

There is an enormously respected reference book that hasn’t been used as much as it could in Chinuk Wawa research…