Monthly Archive: November, 2018

“Skinny”, “Boston dance”, and Rev. “Chatten” again

“From Siletz and Yaquina” is the header on a mid-to-late frontier-era letter to the editor telling of a pleasure trip to the Oregon coast.

Was with DeLong

(Another of my occasional illustrations of other West Coast pidgin languages, for comparison with ways Chinuk Wawa was spoken…) Quoted West Coast Chinese Pidgin English, telling one doozy of a true adventure tale!

Etymologies or “Oops”: rounding up some consequences

If it turns out to be true (as I suggested the other day) that Chinuk Wawa nouns beginning with the sounds úp… preserve an old Chinookan-language prefix p- ‘Instrument; Tool’…

The “Columbian” line: the ultimate in SW Washington Chinuk Wawa

(Edited to place more emphasis on James G. Swan…) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (1793-1864), preceding almost all of the published Chinuk Wawa documentation you know of, made one hell of a long footnote in his… Continue reading

Aged Grand Ronde Indian holds crowd spellbound

Not too far into the post-frontier period, Chinuk Wawa was already a curiosity just outside Grand Ronde…

Euphonic Washingtonia

Today’s philosophical question: if doggerel poetry is untitled except for a headline, is it an untitlement?

Sentenced in Jargon. Grand Ronde Jargon?

The latest installment in our ongoing coverage of Chinuk Wawa in the justice systems of the Pacific Northwest…

Progress of Civilization: a marriage announcement

Editorial blends with reportage on south Puget Sound, and everyone knows how to take the untranslated Chinuk Wawa.

Big water vs. salt water: Native metaphors

More Indigenous cultural metaphors preserved in Chinuk Wawa’s ‘river’?

California CPE: Gossip of railwaymen

From time to time I share bits of other “contact languages” besides Chinook Jargon, to help illustrate that these are typically used in “street” situations.