“Keel-A-Pie”, a Chinuk Wawa operetta

Thanks to Donald Bushaw’s clue mentioned yesterday, I was able to hustle downtown to the Northwest Room of the Spokane Public Library, and gleefully scan C.H. Hanford’s  “Halcyon Days in Port Townsend” (1925).

In this book, which has been the subject of local insider rumors for more than a century*, there’s a good deal of decent Jargon.

Today I’m going to present pages 77-87, which contain the entire text of Hanford’s operetta “Keel-A-Pie”, which as you’ll see is actually bilingual English-Jargon.

Right now I’m dumping all the page images on you — just click & embiggen to read.

The more laborious transcribing and analyzing of the text will be left to upcoming posts here.

After that, the next task will be to track down the musical score, if one exists, maybe in the Cornelius Hanford Papers.


Kata maika tomtom?

* I infer that Jay Powell was the first scholar to locate a copy of “Keel-A-Pie”, as intimated in his published paper “Chinook Jargon Vocabulary and the Lexicographers“. His second paragraph there mentions “an opera”. My recollection is that he doesn’t give a bibliographic citation for it, though. (The Kinkade Collection of ICSNL papers, which I often turn to to check things like this, seems to be offline lately.)