Harmon Brothers ad, 2 versions

It’s called “A-B Testing” in modern marketing.

Can you spot the differences?

Which version got a better response?

Version A:


Mamuk shu msaika kyutan, pi mamuk tlus msaika
Get your horse shoed, and get your

cikcik kopa ukuk man iaka nim:
wagon fixed by this man named:

< Harmon Brothers
Kamloops, B.C.
Carriage Builders & Blacksmiths. >

Kamloops Wawa #201 (June 1902), page 144

Version B:


     Mamuk shush msaika kyutan, pi mamuk
Get your horse shoed, and get

tlus msaika cikcik kopa iaka shop:
your wagon fixed at the shop of:

< Harmon Brothers
Carriage Builders & Blacksmiths

— Kamloops Wawa #204b (March 1903), page 32

The Harmon Brothers of Main Street were Frank and Scott.