English in shorthand — I challenge you

Experience introducing college students to phonetic notation as an alternate way to represent their mother tongue suggests you will have a hard time reading this, at first.

Want to leave your transcription of the English part in the Comments? 🙂

Hint: the letter “i” here covers English “i”, “e” and “y”.

English in shorthand (2)

<English in Shorthand.>

Kansih man kopa kanawi kah
ilihi klaska mamuk Inglish wawa
kopa Shinuk pipa.

“Several men from various
villages are writing the English language
in Chinook shorthand.”

Lui Shims from Spisom
olso Itiin from Shushwap
olso Frank Makki from
Nort Bind an Tom Podiils [SIC?]
hav ritin tu mi in Inglish.
Ai am glad: and ai si
that thi wil no viri
sun haw tu rid and
rait ivri thin in Inglish.

(From Kamloops Wawa #114b, March 1894, page 48.)