CHINOOK BOOK: El Comancho would like your style, dudes

There’s a progressive coupon-book company in the West who go by “Chinook Book“.

Chinook Book PDX

The story of that name is an interesting historical tie-in…

Our Purpose

The original Chinook Book was published in Seattle by Walter Shelley Phillips* in 1913. It was an insider’s guide to the Chinook jargon, a language that had arisen in the Pacific Northwest in the late 1800’s as a way for the different cultures settled there to communicate and trade with each other. The original Chinook Book was created to help people share a place together, to trade with each other in a way that builds community.

Today’s Chinook Book is in service to the same ideals. We’re excited by the impact we’re
starting to have, and by the potential of what we can create together through our daily

*El Comancho would like your style, dudes 😉

El Comancho Smoking  Cigar

It’s incredibly cool that W.S. Phillips’s dad was born with the handle “Oregon Hazard Phillips”!  How frontier do you get?  (Remember another mid-19th century Hazard, the son of Washington Territory’s first Governor Isaac Stevens?)

W S Phillips