Fred Wah, Canadian poet laureate, on Chinook Jargon

Last month CBC Radio 1 in Vancouver, BC did a neat mini-series “Red Peony” about the history that’s shared between Chinese and Aboriginal Canadians.

red peony

In one installment, poet laureate of Parliament, Fred Wah, talked about his early exposure to Chinook Jargon; so did author Terry Glavin.


More on Fred Wah:

* “The Negative Capability of Camouflage

* Ricepaper magazine’s special double issue (Fall/Winter 2012), “Aboriginal & Asian Canadian Writers“…including:

  • Diamond grill / Chinook Phrasebookby Fred Wah, Judith Ichisaka
  • Chinook Jargonby Judith Ichisaka

(Let me know if you read these!)