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Hear a Chinuk Wawa lecture streaming tonight

8pm Pacific time zone on CIRH Roundhouse Radio 98.3 from Vancouver BC: a guy called David Robertson, talking & singing about “The Chinook We Never Knew — But Will“. Stream it live…or any… Continue reading

Be not quass of nika…

Frederick Whymper‘s contribution to the Chinook Jargon doggerel canon! In “The Sea: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril & Heroism” (London: Cassell, 1883), this knowledgeable Northwest hand discourses sagely on Chinuk Wawa, including… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Verses for the end of year Ilo drit ayu son iakwa nisaika mitlait Nanish alta wan sno iaka wiht shako kopit… “Not very many days do we have left here; Look now, one… Continue reading

The doggerel hits the fan! “Klose Nesika Illahee”

The doggerel hits the fan! Mysteries are sprayed liberally! From a one-page remembrance of an indigenous Warm Springs leader, “Stock Whitley” by Carson C. Masiker in Oregon Native Son and Historical Magazine, Vol. II no. 3-9… Continue reading

Kanamokst as a noun!

The word that was spelled kanamokst in the Kamloops area is known in every dialect of Chinuk Wawa. Dictionaries mostly define it in English as an adverb, “together”. This is what you’ll learn from the Grand Ronde… Continue reading

Definitions *in* Chinuk Wawa

Most wanted, to bring Chinook Jargon alive: definitions of the language…in the language. If we’re making the effort to revitalize an endangered idiom such as “Chinook”, we have to give new speakers a… Continue reading

Hyou dams!

Mirabile visu, a book review turns juicy! Commenting at length on Horatio Hale’s 1890 revision of his 1846 (Wilkes) U.S. Exploring Expedition report, a Robert Brown tosses in some great s#!+ in Chinook that you’ve never read… Continue reading

The Chinook Old Testament is full of Jesus!

Jesus or “ShK”, as Shisyu Kri is almost always abbreviated in the shorthand, has a surprising and enormous presence in the BC missionary text summarizing the contents of the Old Testament. (For my… Continue reading

Trial run of the Chinook Bible History, 5 years earlier

  5 years before it was published at Kamloops as a book, the Chinook Bible History in shorthand made a partial appearance in the Kamloops Wawa newspaper. At the end of one installment (KW#117, June… Continue reading

More Haida Chinook songs

The last thing I posted on this topic was an all-time hit, for my site. (See ‘‘Mocking Haida song lyrics in Chinuk Wawa“.) Here’s more Haida Chinook songs: “Chinook Love Song” from Mrs.… Continue reading