April 23, 2022: Experience 1850s life at Fort Nisqually

Sign up! Go talk good Chinuk Wawa to everyone!

It’s a hands-on event, free of charge, at a historic centre of the Pacific Northwest Métis/Chinuk Wawa heartland.


(Image credit: The Suburban Times)

The website says:

In 1855, Fort Nisqually was home to people from around the world and they greeted each other with the Chinook Jargon word “Klahowya.” The fort will be filled with historical interpreters in period clothes eager to answer questions and engage visitors in hands-on activities. The day will include food sampling, music and dancing, and demonstrations of 19th-century skills.

Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, in partnership with Tacoma Community House, celebrates the historic and contemporary diversity of our region by opening its doors to welcome all members of the community to experience life in the 1850s. Admission to this event (April 23, 2022 11 am-4 pm) is FREE for all Pierce County residents and Fort Nisqually Living History Museum Members.

Click here to get tickets and here to see photos from 2019 event.

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