Monthly Archive: September, 2018

Attitude(s) about Jargon

We all have a colorful neighbor who always finds opportunities to inject their lovably offensive opinions into a conversation…

Pair shoot breeze in Chinook lingo

“Klahowya” also means “goodbye”…

“He yearns”

And you think people are mean to presidents nowadays…!


I noticed in the old Pacific Northwest mountain-climbers’ magazine “Mazama” a species scientifically called “Menziesia: glabella, Gray” with a common name given as “skookum-wood”.

Zenk’s Law

Zenk’s Law. Learn it, my friend, and you will speak better Chinuk Wawa.

Snohomish Indian camp & Chinook Jargon

We’ve read of various Chinuk Wawa-speaking animals in previous articles on my website, but today we’ve got Lushootseed-understanding dogs among the Snohomish tribe.

Someone who noticed the signs

We learn some interesting perspectives on southwest Oregon’s history from the memoir “My Sixty Years on the Plains, Trapping, Trading, and Indian Fighting” by William Thomas Hamilton (1822-1908) (New York: Forest and Stream… Continue reading

Earliest female Chinuk Wawa speech? Pre-Grand Ronde

We may have found the earliest quotation of Chinuk Wawa speech by a female!

Cayuses, scouts, friends: more from Meacham

Alfred B. Meacham (1826-1882) was chairman of the Modoc Peace Commission who tried to help stop the Modoc Indian War in southern Oregon and northern California.

Everything west of the Rockies is the Coast

A later-frontier eyewitness explains how Chinuk Wawa was seen by Settlers.