Oregon beers: hyas klose & hyas kloser

I respect those who observe New Year’s Eve, if at all, in a dry fashion. I also know a number of my Pacific Northwest readers will love the following quaintness:

The Albany (OR) States Rights Democrat (look at that name! still surprised Oregon was kind of racist?) edition of October 03, 1868, page 3, supplies the proud news:

hyas klose and hyas kloser-page-001

PREMIUM BEER. — We take pleasure in announcing to the public that Messrs. Keifer & Roggers, of the Albany Brewery, took the first premium on beer at the county Fair last week. The Corvallis Brewery was represented at the Pavilion, and, although its beer was pronounced hyas klose [very good] by the committee, the Albany beer was adjudged “hyas kloser,” and bore away the blue ribbon. Those who desire it can also find the best brand of ale at the Albany Brewery. — Messrs. Kiefer & Roggers are gentlemen of the “first water,” and we are glad of their success. 

Your history lesson here is that the “BR” in PBR actually means something…

Have a safe New Years Eve, and I’ll see you here on the first day of 2018 with a real treat!