Pioneer chants weird Indian song in Chinook Jargon

In news of a local version of one of the then-popular statewide annual reunions of “old Oregon” pioneers, we have this teaser:

Pioneer chants weird indian song (3).jpg

     George W. Dunn is the retiring
president.  Rev. P.R. Burnett, Mrs. 
Dunn’s father, inroduced an innova-
tion at the gathering by chanting
weird Indian song in the Chinook 
The reunion in 1918 will be held
at Jacksonville.

— The Ashland (Oregon) Tidings, September 17, 1917, page 1, column 1 (article headlined “200 Attend Annual Pioneer Reunion“)

For the Chinook Jargon song to qualify as “weird”, I believe it couldn’t be one of the many Christian hymns we still know of in the pidgin.  This particular adjective, wiht its sense of “uncanny, spooky”, was typically applied to “real Indian stuff” — manifestations of Indigenous culture that differ markedly from their Euro-American counterparts.

Here, for example, is a “weird Indian song” from Warm Springs.  And here is an earlier use of the same phrase in Portland.

So I really wish for a time machine to pop back & check out what Native-inspired song the preacher was belting out!

The Ashland Daily Tidings is still in business.  Maybe their files, those of the families mentioned, or a local historical society, can point us to some more information?