“Paper money is a bitch”? McDollars?

We know that on the frontier, anything but solid coin was received with suspicion.  (See “Abundance of gold & the shortage of money“.)

Even so, I’m mystified about the gendered reference here:

paper money is a bitch (2)

The Indian said in the Chinook, ‘Wake klooch klooch-
man paper chickimun‘ (no good woman paper money).

This is a Cariboo gold-rush dialogue remembered 50 years later. (Portland Sunday Oregonian, February 8, 1914, page 12.)  Could the narrator be misrecalling Chinook Jargon words, confusing klooch ‘good’ with kloochman ‘woman’ and overdoing it?

Or was this an actually used metaphor in the Jargon — there were quite a few metaphors current in this pidgin language — parallel to modern-day English “life’s a bitch”?

The question has been tendered and remains open.  Speaking of tender, here’s some of that supposedly legal-tender “Macdonald money” (see “Banknotes in the Colony“):

macdonald note