Dictionary of American Regional English and “Chinook”

The legendary Dictionary of American Regional English, which you ought to go look at in a library if you can’t afford it, also has online pages that are mighty interesting.


I found one that lists every keyword, including “Chinook“.

Here are all the words to be found there.  Do you agree…

  1. …that they’re all Jargon?
  2. …with the forms given?
  3. …with the part-of-speech analysis (verb, noun, etc.)?
  4. …with the etymologies?


cha-muck-a-muck n • [Cf Chinook jargon muck-a-muck food]

cheechako n • [Chinook jargon]

chinook n B1 • compounded from..Chinook

chuck n4 • [Chinook jargon..]

chum salmon n • [?Chinook jargon tsum, tzum spots, writing]

cuitan n • [Chinook Jargon]

cultus adj • [Chinook Jargon]

eulachon n • [Chinook Jargon ulâkân]

geoduck n • [Chinook Jargon]

high-muck-a-muck n 1 • [Chinook Jargon hiu plenty + muckamuck food]

hiyu adj • [Chinook Jargon hiu plenty]

hump puss n • [Chinook humm opoots stinking tail]

icta n • [Chinook Jargon..]

killapie adj, n • [Chinook Jargon]

klootchman n • [Chinook Jargon “woman, female”]

memaloose adj, n • [Chinook Jargon memaloost < Chinook memalust to die, dead]

mowitch n • [Chinook Jargon]

muck-a-muck n • [Chinook Jargon]

potlatch n • [Chinook Jargon..]

potlatch v • [Chinook Jargon..]

salal n • [Chinook Jargon]

saltchuck n • [salt + Chinook Jargon chuck n4]

shallon n • [Of Chinook origin..]

Siwash n • [Chinook Jargon < CanFr sauvage an American Indian]

skeezicks n • [Cf 1863 Gibbs Chinook Jargon 23..]


skookum adj • [Chinook Jargon]

skookum chuck n • [Chinook Jargon < skookum adj + chuck n4]

soopolallie n • [Chinook Jargon]

tillicum n • [Chinook Jargon tilikum people < Chinook tilxam]

tolo n • [Cf..Chinook Jargon tolo to earn, win]

tyee n • [Chinook Jargon tyee a chief]

wapato n • [Chinook Jargon wappatoo..]