Monthly Archive: November, 2016

1847: Ship your ictas to W.H. Davis, Esq. of this place

I was saying the other day how ictas (“things, belongings, paraphernalia”) was among the first Chinook Jargon words to enter regional English. In terms of there even existing a community of speakers that could… Continue reading

Wedding Cakes.

One of the earliest Chinook Jargon words to enter regional English, I’m finding, was ictas, used to mean “things; belongings; associated trimmings”.  From the start of publishing in Oregon, I find it sprinkled into casual… Continue reading

Rodney Glisan & Army buddies mystify New Yorkers

Portlanders will recognize the name of Glisan. Military surgeon Rodney Glisan (1827-1890) published his “Journal of Army Life” as a book in 1874, with a good deal of discussion of his six years in the Oregon Indian… Continue reading

The Cliff Safety ad, 1902

Lively colloquial use of a language is gold.  Too many now-endangered or extinct languages lack clues to how they were once spontaneously spoken. I want to suggest that, of all the unexpected genres,… Continue reading

“Foreign Indians” from China

“The Thlackamas Indians” is the headline on a pretty substantial unsigned article about the local Clackamas Chinookan tribe in the Oregon City (OR) Enterprise of Thursday, June 24, 1886 (page 1, all of columns 2… Continue reading