Do cows look stupid to you?

            Here’s a novel etymological proposal for Chinuk Wawa.

Keel-A-Pie, the Chinuk Wawa operetta (third page)

As we “keel-a-pie” (return) to the story: in today’s installment, we learn more of the scene-setting details…

Keel-A-Pie, the Chinuk Wawa operetta (second page)

Today’s page brings us our first Chinook Jargon song of the piece, but I have other major points to make. One is courtesy of my readers…

Keel-A-Pie, the Chinuk Wawa operetta (first page)

I’ve already presented you the article that led me to finding this long-rumored but previously undiscovered operetta in Chinook Jargon (and English).

“Keel-A-Pie”, a Chinuk Wawa operetta

Thanks to Donald Bushaw’s clue mentioned yesterday, I was able to hustle downtown to the Northwest Room of the Spokane Public Library, and gleefully scan C.H. Hanford’s  “Halcyon Days in Port Townsend” (1925).… Continue reading

The Chinook Jargon, by Donald Bushaw

An obscure paper in an obscure journal by someone you never heard of in connection with this language…it all leads to a wonderful discovery: the long-rumored “opera in Chinook Jargon!”

“alms” and Salish help

So there’s this word < elamí > ‘alms’ (charity, baksheesh, largesse) in Francis-Norbert Blanchet’s Chinook Jargon dictionary.

Granville Stuart’s overlooked Oregon Chinuk Wawa, and potential benefits to Grand Ronde

Sam Johnson had a brilliant insight: you have to examine every Chinook Jargon dictionary in detail.

Chinook Jargon Asks Taft

It’s useful to distinguish types of Chinuk Wawa texts (and those in any language) by their setting, author, and audience…

My Kwakwaka’wakw guide “Butt”

I’m filing this under “fictional Chinuk Wawa”: the Jargon as used in annoying and phony ways.