“Less familiar words” in the Northern Dialect (Part 1B: Shaw 1909 continued)

It’s remarkable how many of the following words said to be unfamiliar in the northern dialect (especially Puget Sound) are indeed only known in the south (especially Grand Ronde).

less familiar words

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This list is in George Coombs Shaw’s 1909 dictionary of Chinook Jargon.

It 99% matches what we know of the northern dialect from all other sources. For example, out of the entire list of words below, only kinikinik shows up in the 250 or so issues of Kamloops Wawa.



Ik’-ik, (C), fish hook.

It’-lan, (C), a fathom.


Kah-de-na, (C), to fight.

Kah’-kah, (J), a crow..

Kah’-na-way, (C), acorns..

Kahp-ho, (C), an elder brother, sister, or cousin..

Kal-ak-a-lah’-ma, (C), a goose.

Kal-a-kwah’-tie, (C), inner bark of the cedar; woman’s petticoat of bark.

Ka-mo’-suk, (C), beads.

Ka-wa’k, (S), to fly.

Kaw-ka-wak, (C), yellow or pale green.

Keep’-wot, (C), needle, pin, thorn, sting of an insect.

Keh-loke, or Kaloke, (C),. a swan.

Keh’-see, (C), an apron.

Keh-wa, (?), because.

Kes’-chi, (C), notwithstanding, although.

Ket-ling, (E), kettle, can, basin.

Kil-it’-sut, (C), flint, bottle, glass.

Kinni-kinnik, smoking weed (mixture). See note under Tatoosh, main vocabulary.

Ki’-nootl, (C), tobacco; smoking.

Ki’-wa, (Wasco), crooked.

Ki’-yah, (S), entrails.

Klak’-wun, (S), to wipe, or lick.

Kla’-pite, (C), thread; twine.

Kla-whop, (C), a hole.

Klem’-a-hun, (S), to stab, wound, spear.

Klilt, or Klile, (C), sour; bitter.

Klik’-a-muks, (C), blackberries.

Klik’-wal-lie, (C), brass wire; brass armlet.

Kloh-kloh, (C), oysters. See chetlo.

Klook, (E), crooked.

Kluh, or Klugh, (C), to tear, to plow.

Kluk-ulh’, (C), broad, or wide, as of a plank.

Ko’-ko, (J), to knock.

Ko’-ko-stick, (J), (knock-tree), woodpecker.

Koo’sah, (C), sky.

Kush’-is, (S), stockings.

Kwah-nice, or Kwad-dis, (Klikitat), whale.

Kwa-lal-kwa-lal, (C), to gallop.

Kwal’h, (S), an aunt.

Kwates, (S), sour; bitter; not pleased.

Kweh-kweh, (J), a mallard duck.

Kwek-wi-ens, (S), a pin.

Kweo-kweo, (C), a ring; a circle.

Kwetlh, (S), proud.

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