A new Quileute => Salish => Chinuk Wawa discovery

At first I didn’t realize I’d discovered it 🙂 Does that still count?!

About the Shores of Puget Sound, 1871

[Edited immediately after publishing 🙂 to note — I’ve just realized that word sak-talm ‘paddle’ in Scammon’s article is another good mystery. More soon! DDR] Here’s a leisurely cruise guided by a knowledgeable pilot.

Fictional Chinook Jargon again

We have recourse to Your Ol’ Pal Irwin‘s definition of “atrocious music™” (no offense):

S’Klallam gambling song in Chinuk Wawa

Has anyone done the research to explain just why Native gambling songs are so often in Chinuk Wawa, rather than other languages?

Mamook Kom’tax Chinook Pipa

A worthy read on a subject near and dear to a lot of us:

Chinuk Wawa to the Rockies?

Everyone says Chinook Jargon was spoken all the way eastward to the Rocky Mountains. Or from the Rockies to the Pacific. 

At least a bit of Chinuk Wawa in Idaho

I started writing a post today about why there’s so little Chinook Jargon documented in Idaho. It got involved. I’ll share it as a separate article soon. Today let’s just look at one… Continue reading

“Eh” is Canadian Chinook Jargon

Something to brighten your flu season in the North land:

Of course Chinuk Wawa was printed in Oregon’s first newspaper!

It’s ridiculously Western.

Discoveries: Salish ‘sealion’, pig evolution, & a French compound loan

A brand-new word, and a brand-new structure: