So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 40

Meet the Le Jeunes!  Leun gant sili eo ma dourruzer! (Previous installment here.)      Pi ukuk iaka iskom naika kopa iaka haws, iaka nim Marian.     And the one who took… Continue reading

Seasons greetings 2014 from Robertson ye Linguist!

Seasons greetings 2014 from Robertson ye Linguist! Art by the talented Matthew Waite.

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 39

(Previous installment here.)  Today, Father Le Jeune introduces Chiefs Chilliheetza and Louis to his hometown in Brittany… Alta naika wawa kanamokst klaska, pi iaka chako drit tlus klaska Then I spoke with them,… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 38

(Previous LONG installment here. Only 1-page installments [27 of them] from here on out!)      Kopa ukuk styuil haws, nsaika nanich iht ol man liplit     At this church, we met… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, parts 15-37

I’m challenging myself to get the full 64 pages put up online before the holidays, so you’ll have plenty of reading material to practice with. — Dave (Previous installment here, with English translation… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, parts 13-14

This priest…had a strong strap for carrying his belongings when he was traveling by foot, and he carried those heavy things with his [fore]head like the Thompson Indians used to when they packed… Continue reading

So two chiefs and a priest travel to Europe, part 12

When you folks get back, write to us and we’ll get some kinnikkinnik to you, and also a stone pipe, red stone. (Previous installment, now updated with an English translation, here.)    … Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe…part 11

[The visit of Bishop Grouard to Kamloops Indian Reserve mentioned below is very entertaining; I’ll have to copy it out from Kamloops Wawa in a future post for you.–Dave] (Previous installment, updated with… Continue reading


…we saw there nearby, an Indian man, with his face painted up: I made signs to him to come over and he came, and we gave him that tin of mutton… (Previous installment,… Continue reading

“I got the name of a great linguist…and accordingly never pleaded ignorance”

An amusing trifle to entertain you on what in the Pacific Northwest is a crisp cold day: I had never studied Spanish while at college, and could not speak a word, when at… Continue reading