“He’s certainly smart…he doesn’t do a thing”

Mundane but gossipy, this unpublished letter in Chinook Writing from one priest to another is a nice little read to practice on:

St Nazarius & St Celsus (part 6)

In concluding our forensic investigation, we are tantalized to learn that there is even more of this previously unknown text out there waiting to be found…

St Nazarius & St Celsus (part 5)

Continuing right on…

St Nazarius & St Celsus (part 4)

Continuing our forensic investigation that compares an unsigned manuscript with a published version from Kamloops Wawa #160 (January 1898), page 7:

St Nazarius & St Celsus (part 3)

The deeper we delve into our Chinuk Wawa mystery manuscript, the more comes to light…

St Nazarius & St Celsus (part 2)

More and more clues bring us closer and closer to a solution…

St Nazarius & St Celsus (part 1)

As promised yesterday, let’s begin a live demonstration of Chinuk Wawa research!

Anonymous manuscript, “St Nazarius & St Celsus”

Starting tomorrow, something new:

An American settler wrote…

A grammatically & socially sharp quote, sadly unattributed it seems, noted in “Indians of the Pacific Northwest: A History” by Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown (Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press,… Continue reading

Used by Half-Breeds only: “ladder”

Why did only “half-breeds” use the Chinuk Wawa word for “ladder”?