What we did in our BC Chinuk Wawa session today!

This morning (8AM Pacific time = BC, WA, Oregon, California, Alaska time), we worked together to read through some Romans.


Roman troops landing in a Chinook helicopter, for Pete’s sakes! (Image credit: reddit)

By that, I mean the Book of Romans, from the Bible.

This was in a summarized form, in Jargon, from the “Chinook Book of Devotions“.

That book’s written in Chinuk Pipa shorthand alphabet — so I put it into this same alphabet you’re looking at right now.

Which makes the words recognizable.

We have a wonderful group of people who meet up every Saturday morning, focusing on northern-dialect Chinuk Wawa.(*)

Want to join us, and see how you like it? Message me for the Zoom link. I’m at

…S P O K A N E I V Y  @  G M A I L  .  com…

Bonus fact:

(*) If you have any acquaintance with Grand Ronde / Lane Community College / old-books Chinook Jargon, you’ll definitely understand the northern dialect too!