Camping on the Trail: Or, some of my experiences in the Indian country

1902.  By Edward S. Farrow.  [“Late assistant instructor of tactics at the United States Military Academy, West Point, and formerly commanding Indian Scouts in the Department of the Columbia.”] Philadelphia: American Arms Publishing… Continue reading

From Copenhagen to Okanagan, part 3

[See part 1 for full info on this fascinating memoir of life in the Washington Okanagan country, 1880s-1930s.  It’s still in print, apparently, from Okanogan County Historical Society.  Click the picture to visit… Continue reading

From Copenhagen to Okanogan, part 2

{Have you subscribed to get notified of my blog posts via email?} See my first post about this book for bibliographic info.   In this installment, notice the vivid descriptions of sign language… Continue reading

From Copenhagen to Okanogan, part 1

Part 1 of a multi-part blog post… “From Copenhagen to Okanogan” by U[lrich] E[nglehardt] Fries, 2nd printing published 1951 by Caxton Printers of Caldwell, Idaho. It’s one of my favorite books for quotations… Continue reading

Salmon for fun

Just for fun, check out this totally Chinook-related “fish slap” emoticon.  (Is that character on the right Smiley Chinook?) Just for fun too, I enjoyed seeing a Northwest Native word used in local… Continue reading

Komox or Comox, and “dog”?

Sometimes people familiar with Vancouver Island, BC, wonder if the name “Comox” is a spelling of Chinook Jargon’s word for “dog”. Comox is a town on the north-central coast of the island.  This… Continue reading

Leon Fouquet OMI 1831-1912

Some useful information on this French missionary from Thomas Anthony Lascelles’ 1986 Simon Fraser University MA thesis, “Leon Fouquet and the Kootenay Indians, 1874-1887” (download it): Page 10 — In 1859, based in… Continue reading

Bilingual because it’s Canadian

Somebody offered me some bars of motel soap.  I didn’t really need anything like that, but wouldn’t you know this was right on top: Antique or what?  Is this hoary old design still… Continue reading

You can download my dissertation on Chinook Jargon

If you’re interested in Chinook Jargon, you can download the dissertation I just defended in the University of Victoria’s department of linguistics: “Kamloops Chinuk Wawa, Chinuk pipa, and the vitality of pidgins“ It’s… Continue reading

Coming soon: a Chinook shorthand font?

This document is technical and over my head… Proposal to include Duployan script and Shorthand Format Controls in Unicode/ISO-10646 file:///C|/Users/vanisaac/Desktop/WG2_Duployan/WG2Duployan.html[2010-09-29 23:59:37] Document # N3895r Title: Proposal to include Duployan script and Shorthand Format… Continue reading