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An American settler wrote…

A grammatically & socially sharp quote, sadly unattributed it seems, noted in “Indians of the Pacific Northwest: A History” by Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown (Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press,… Continue reading

Used by Half-Breeds only: “ladder”

Why did only “half-breeds” use the Chinuk Wawa word for “ladder”?

Kittitas Indian woman moves heaven and earth to visit Seattle festival

A Yakama lady’s Chinuk Wawa is quoted, and for those with ears to hear, it teaches about Chinuk Wawa dialects.

“Are you Spokan?” The Ladies’ Repository wants to know

One of the earlier popular-market features devoted to Chinuk Wawa is an unattributed piece…

Crowdsourcing challenge (Swinomish edition): The finale

My readers succeeded when I challenged them. Now savor the rewards we’ve reeled in.

“He speaks Chinook like a native”

A mighty interesting couple of newspaper clippings:

Respect your elders

It’s my birthday. Instead of telling you my age, allow me to teach a valuable lesson:

How is your thinking?

How is your thinking? Let’s see…

Chinuk Wawa “mán” as a part-Salish word

“Everyone knows” — now that’s some famous last words.

Chief Joseph’s words to me, and what I think they mean

Closing an address to a convention of bankers, Edmund S. Meaney, University of Washington professor of history, reminisced: