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Translator, traitor: Col. Benjamin Shaw

There’s an old European concept: in Italian, traduttore — tradittore; in Hungarian a fordítás ferdítés; in English, “translator: traitor”. The concept that you’re putting your life in the hands of the person who conveys your… Continue reading

Grand Round reservation, 18__

Albert B. Meacham (1826-1882) is remembered as one who was energetically sympathetic to the Native people of the Pacific Northwest.

“la-let” = milk?

A Métis girl who was there tells us a new word…

“Unreliable interpreters” and minimizing Chinuk Wawa

Sometimes your time gets eaten up with correcting unreliable OCR…sometimes with correcting an unreliable senior scholar.

Dead meat!

Short Saturday post.

Measuring cups

(File under cultural contact.) The conventionalized Salish measurements tended to be for two dimensions. Here’s a hint of 3-D.

Native metaphor: FAST ~ ABILITY

qʰáta máyka tə́mtəm? Observe…

kwalta ‘snare, trap’

While working on Father St Onge’s old dictionary manuscript, a word for ‘snare’ brought me up short.

Similkameen, 1860 – – Indians don’t know Jargon

How far had Chinuk Wawa spread, two years after the gold rushes brought it to southern interior BC?

“By Track and Trail”

If you love some “Cannucks” and some Chinook, I have the late-frontier travelogue for you.