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The Wander Years

(John) Frederick Lort(-)Phillips (1854-1926) took enough time from rambling to pen “The Wander Years: Hunting and Travel in Four Continents” (which was published in London by Nash & Graydon in 1931). 

The Stickeen River and Its Glaciers

A beautifully illustrated travelogue from southeast Alaska, with two items of Chinuk Wawa interest. 

The Onoma language, a major source of Chinook Jargon vocabulary

Chinuk Wawa of course contains many Chinookan words; I often point out Salish ones as well. But were you aware of this source language?

Newly discovered Chinuk Wawa: “I am going to Victoria to see the Governor”

You’ve never seen this splendid Chinuk Wawa document.

lakʰaset, a Canadianism

Thanks to the great questions people ask, Chinuk Wawa discoveries happen.

The Tattooed Artist, or, doggerel galore

A collection of late-1800s doggerel poetry gets added to our dusty heap, with surprising if mixed results!

lapʰala, a Métis word in Chinuk Wawa

  lapʰala is part-French and part-Native, and it’s the key to S’mores 🙂 

Imaginary Chinuk Wawa, the worst kind

There is a category of secondary (really tertiary) sources on Chinook Jargon that you need to beware of…

But with a Whymper

The Western Union Company’s 1865 Telegraph Expedition artist, Frederick Whymper, wrote a couple of memoirs that feature some interesting Chinuk Wawa from Canada and Alaska.

Not with a bang: solidification of ‘ice’

Many Chinuk Wawa dictionaries have declared that the way to say ‘ice’ is ‘hard water’. (Demers 1871 has ‘hard hard water’ to reinforce the point.) Actually…