Respect your elders

respect your elders

(Image credit: Chandrasekhar721)

It’s my birthday. Instead of telling you my age, allow me to teach a valuable lesson:


Three ways to say one thing in Chinook Jargon:

  • Kamloops:
    tlus msaika mamuk taii msaika ol man tilikom
    well you.folks make leader you.folks’ old man people
  • Lower to mid-Columbia River (Father St Onge):
    tlush-nanich-kopa-tomtom msaika mank-oleman telikom
    well-regard-in-heart you.folks’ more-old people
  • Grand Ronde style:
    kímtəks msáyka úlman-tílixam
    to.regard.highly you.folks’ old-people



Next time I teach it, I’m gonna add “or else!” in Jargon 🙂

Dedicated to my fellow child of December, chup henli