How is your thinking?

what do you think

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How is your thinking? Let’s see…

We have an expression from one of the Lower Chehalis Salish speakers recorded in a linguist’s notebook, without a translation:

tʔín ʔask̓ʷíʔxʷənwət
Other data show that tʔín is one of the interesting, typically Salish interrogative verbs, meaning ‘how(.doing)’.


The remainder is totally transparent. I can roughly sketch it for you:


‘your thinking’

The phrase should mean “What do you think?”
It’s exactly parallel to how Chinuk Wawa says it:
qʰáta máyka tə́mtəm?
how (is) your thinking?
Once again, historically shared Indian metaphors played an important role in forming the Chinook Jargon pidgin-creole.
Great to see!