A new online place to read more Kamloops Wawa

UBC’s “BC Historical Newspaper” collection online has added Kamloops Wawa. Very nice because they cover the later years, through 1918, that have been incredibly hard to find until now. There’s much more longhand English… Continue reading

The Lord’s Prayer ends with “Kloshe klutchman”?

What looks like a gratuitous sexist insult, “wake klooch kloochman” in my previous post, naturally invites a prayerful response. Spoiler alert — this gets gratuitous too. The Lord’s Prayer in Chinook Nisika Papa kla… Continue reading

“Paper money is a bitch”? McDollars?

We know that on the frontier, anything but solid coin was received with suspicion.  (See “Abundance of gold & the shortage of money“.) Even so, I’m mystified about the gendered reference here: The… Continue reading

The 1895 Chinuk Pipa Kompani

1895 Chinuk Pipa Kompani Oh my gosh, I have just found the name of my next band.  Dibs! In the second and last issue of the mini-newspaper Shugir Kin Tintin / Sugarcane Bell, its… Continue reading

Quinault “son”, the Indian Shaker Church, Chinook Jargon and Lushootseed

Sometimes a whole story springs from a single word. In Ruth Modrow’s typewritten 1971 dictionary of Quinault, a Salish language of southwestern Washington’s coast, an entry caught my eye as I was looking for… Continue reading

The Old Fur Traders, Established 1670

If you have heard of the Chinook Jargon trade language, a.k.a. Chinuk Wawa, you are doubtless aware of the outsized importance attaching to the Hudsons Bay Company in our Pacific Northwest history. One… Continue reading

Klootch, a puppy bitch

Posted as an example of the antiquated slur “klootch“ (also spelled “klutch” or “klooch”). –from the Portland Morning Oregonian, April 23, 1904, page 5, column 5.  Here it’s the name of a female puppy… Continue reading

Radio news investigation: “When Was Chinook Jargon Prevalent In The Northwest?”

KUOW in Seattle has just published online an investigative news story titled “When Was Chinook Jargon Prevalent In The Northwest?“ It’s a carefully done, quite listenable feature in their Local Wonder series. Nixwa… Continue reading

Tilikums Ikt Potlatch

Strangest Places Dept.: I quote verbatim from San Francisco insurance-trade publication The Adjuster (volume 40, number 1; January 1910, page 14), adding [in brackets] my English translations. My comments follow afterward.     Tilikums Ikt… Continue reading

The Iron Klooch

[Not for the most sensitive ears.] If I had accesss to the Murray-Latta fonds at UBC Archives, the blueprints for the Iron Klooch would make a spectacular illustration here. That’s your basic Kellington… Continue reading